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Exclusive Buyer Brokers

Agents who ONLY represent buyers and never engage in dual agency. Also known as “EBA’s” (Exclusive Buyer Agents).

Buyer Brokers Who Rebate

Buyer agents do not work for free! Use our free service to find a buyer broker who will share part of their fee with you. Many highly qualified agents offer full service and pay rebates.

Independent Title Companies

Companies those are not affiliated with Realtors, builders, lenders or attorneys. Decision making & prices that are not inappropriately influenced.

Discount Seller Brokers

Real estate commissions are far too expensive. We have compiled a list of brokers who will sell your house for less.


Attorneys who are not affiliated with Realtors, builders, lenders or attorneys. Decision making and prices that are not inappropriately influenced.

How Brokers Get Paid

This video was donated to us by one of our supporters. Thank you Yoreevo!

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Residential real estate brokerage may be the most corrupt industry in the nation. They are also the largest lobby spender in the nation. Not a good combination.

There are many more important articles like this. These are some of our most important educational tools for residential real estate consumers.

Our primary mission is to educate consumers about the inequities of the residential real estate brokerage industry. One of the ways we do this is by promoting vendors who we believe are helping consumers save money and providing better representation. Please do check out our section on service providers. We do not recommend any of these as none of them have been vetted out. However, we believe this may be a good starting place to learn about alternative services.

Consumer Friendly Contracts: Compensation Suggestions

New Guidelines Just Released CAARE is thrilled to release the first draft of our model compensation language for consumers hiring Buyer or Seller Brokers. This is the beginning of a series focusing on Realtor fee agreements, which have often been unfairly standardized, making it hard for consumers to negotiate terms. Key Points Of Our Compensation … Continue reading “Consumer Friendly Contracts: Compensation Suggestions”

NAR is Gunning for Discount Brokers

googlea198c6af8c9d2ddd Pocket Listing – when a broker severely limits the marketing of a client’s property to collect a double commission. In a truly misleading and anti-competitive move, the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) has announced a new rule that directly attacks brokers who discount their fees. Instead of calling it, “A Conspiracy to Eliminate Discount Brokers,” … Continue reading “NAR is Gunning for Discount Brokers”

Massive class action filed against real estate industry for fee fixing.

Class Action filed challenging the way Realtors are paid. Click here for a link to Notorious Rob’s analysis. Click here for a copy of the Complaint: ECF No. 1, Class Action Complaint

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