Exclusive Buyer Broker Agents

Find an Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) in your state.


When hiring a buyer agent to represent you look for an Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) – an agent who ONLY represents buyers. If the brokerage firm represents buyers and sellers, then NO agents in that firm are EBA’s. Avoid those firms. Some states have “designated agency” laws that allow brokers to appoint one agent to work for the buyer and another to work for the seller. However, all the same conflicts of interests exist at those firms and none of those agents are EBAs. Look for brokerage firms where all the agents ONLY represent buyers.


When hiring an agent to represent you look for an Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA)-agents who ONLY represent buyers and work for firms that ONLY represent buyers.  If the “buyer agent’s” firm has listings, then the agent is not true buyer agent and the firm will have to abandon your representation if the agent shows you any of their firm’s listings (dual or designated agency).

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