Will more Realtors pull MLS listings from Trulia & Zillow in 2012?

Recently, Edina Realty made national news by pulling their sellers’ listings from two of the most popular websites frequented by home buyers, Realtor.com (the number 1 real estate website in the country) and www.Trulia.com (in the top 4). Both of these sites are free and provide valuable information to consumers.  Industry critics and real estate … Continue reading “Will more Realtors pull MLS listings from Trulia & Zillow in 2012?”

NAR is Gunning for Discount Brokers

googlea198c6af8c9d2ddd Pocket Listing – when a broker severely limits the marketing of a client’s property to collect a double commission. In a truly misleading and anti-competitive move, the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) has announced a new rule that directly attacks brokers who discount their fees. Instead of calling it, “A Conspiracy to Eliminate Discount Brokers,” … Continue reading “NAR is Gunning for Discount Brokers”

We Help Real Estate Consumers

We Help Real Estate Consumers Our services are free and are designed to help all levels of residential real estate consumers. We exist to help you avoid over-paying for real estate commissions and help limit your liability exposure. CAARE is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity. Hiring a Real Estate Agent Buyers Does your agent have … Continue reading "We Help Real Estate Consumers"


Seller - Consumer Tips and Tools How to Negotiate a Real Estate Commission. Negotiate Both Parts of the Commission. Offer Fee Directly to Buyer.  Require your broker to share their commission with buyer brokers AND unrepresented buyers. This is legal in all but 10 states and a practice that is encouraged by the United States Department of … Continue reading "Sellers"