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Stop MLSs from claiming copyrights on seller data! This could be one of the biggest residential consumer issues ever. MLSs are intentionally limiting access to client data in order to collect more double commissions. This limits the market exposure of seller’s homes and makes it more difficult for buyers to find those homes. Click here to sign!

Stop states that have legalized the price fixing of buyer agent fees. 10 states have made it illegal for buyer brokers to rebate part of their fee to their own clients. Since buyer agents receive their compensation from sellers, this law’s effect is to eliminate the negotiation of these fees. Click here to sign!  Click here to learn more about how to negotiate buyer broker fees.

Give anti-kickback and mortgage fraud laws some teeth. RESPA is the federal law that prohibits kickbacks to Realtors and other real estate practitioners. It also regulates the mortgage lending process. However, the law only has a 1 year look back period (statute of limitations) and as a result has become very profitable to violate this law. Click here to sign! Click here to read about a real-life enforcement action that failed because of this limitation.

Click here to sign the petition – stop mortgage fraud and kickbacks. Want to read more about our petition first?  Then click here.

Click here to sign the petition – make Realtor fees negotiable in these states.   Read more by clicking here.