Say NO to Realtor Arbitration Agreements

It is illegal for a Realtor to advise you to sign an arbitration agreement. Arbitration agreements have significant legal impacts on your rights and it is against the law for Realtors to provide legal advice. There is no good reason to sign a Realtor arbitration agreement. Arbitration typically costs far more than litigation to file and the time to file an arbitration is often far shorter than it is to file a court case. Plus, if you really want arbitration, you can always agree to it later on and pick an arbitration firm that does not have ties to the Realtor Association. You should also be aware that these arbitration agreements often do provide an enormous amount of protection for your Realtor against you. Often Realtor Associations are under contract with the arbitration firm and it should be no surprise how decisions are likely to turn out when you are in a dispute with your Realtor.