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Neighborcity donated their web traffic to our charity. Here's why.

Please stay! Let us provide you with some great negotiating tactics for buying or selling your house. Our site is completely searchable and contains a massive amount of information. Try it. It is free! 

We are a public charity. We receive no referral fees. We exist to educate consumers how to save money on commissions and better represent their own interests in residential real estate transactions. Please consider a donation. 


We Help Consumers Save Money on Commissions - for free (really) 

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Get a Buyer Broker Rebate (click here to find one in your state ).  

Use a Discount Broker (click here to find one in your state). 
Use an independent title company (click here). Use an independent title company (click here).



Here are two videos about real estate commissions from two of the many discount firms that are listed on our site. We apologize for including the branding, but we do not have the resources to produce videos like this yet. We have no affiliation with them and they do not pay us to show you these. Both firms are CAARE members and have upgraded their discount listings on our site to include their logos and additional information. We do not recommend specific firms and include these videos because they are informational. Many of the firms on our site maintain free listings. We encourage you to find one that meets your needs. 

Here are videos on Buyer Broker Rebates and Seller Discount Brokers and how they can save you money:

Here is one on Seller Discount Brokers:


We believe that real estate commissions are high because of price fixing. Realtors have devised an extremely complex method of getting paid that forces you to pay for a buyer broker even if you don't use one. The listing broker pays your broker in order to dissuade you from negotiating the fee. They even have a "code of ethics" that allow them to tell you that they work for free. We have compiled lists of firms that have aspired to some of the standards we have set forth and save consumers money or help consumers avoid conflicts of interest. We have also designed forms and clauses to help consumers better negotiate terms with realtors. 

CAARE wrote an Amicus Brief (click here) on behalf of consumers in Neighborcity's case to allow free access to realtor listing data. We are a 501(c)3 volunteer public charity that helps residential real estate consumers.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Neighborcity case and things that we do.