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Pledge of Allegiance to Buyers

Pledge of Allegiance to Home Buyers from an Exclusive Buyer's Agent ("We" means the agent and the brokerage firm)

  1. We pledge that we will use our expertise and best judgment to advise, protect, and assist you, the homebuyer, in making well-informed choices regarding your real estate transaction.
  2. We pledge to put your best interests before all others, including our own, when conducting business or making recommendations on your behalf.
  3. We pledge never to represent the seller, only the buyer in a real estate transaction (No one can serve two masters.) We will never ask you to agree to dual or designated agency.
  4. We will never advise you to agree to arbitration. That is legal advice that is best handled by your attorney. We will never ask you to agree to an arbitration clause that utilizes an arbitration firm under contract with us or anyone with whom we are affiliated or associated. We will never ask you to agree to forfeit your right to join a class action lawsuit against us. 
  5. We pledge to keep confidential your financial capabilities and your price intentions.
  6. We pledge never to accept any buyer broker bonuses,gifts, fees, or kickbacks from vendors that service you unless we promptly notify you and turn them over to you.
  7. We pledge never to recommend a service that financially benefits us, or broker or our parent corporation. In other words we will never recommend an affiliated settlement service, home inspection firm, home warranty firm or any other professional for which we have marketing service agreements (MSA's) in place or any other financial conflict of interest.
  8. We pledge never to advance our own interests, or that of our family or friends at your expense in any real estate transaction in which we represent you.
  9. We pledge you our undivided loyalty, trust, and strictest confidentiality.

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