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CAARE is Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate and we are a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity (click here for link to our status on the IRS website).    

CAARE is different. There are no other consumer groups like us. We empower real estate consumers.  Our mission is to provide consumers with the tools that they need to negotiate with the practitioners who represent them.  We expose conflicts of interests and show consumers how to avoid them.  We expose consumer traps and provide tips.  
We recognize that legislators and regulators are unlikely to back solutions to problems that involve Realtors. We recognize that laws and standard forms are stacked against consumers and that those are also unlikely to change. So instead of focusing on solutions that we believe are ineffective, we focus on solutions that put consumers on a level playing field. We provide important tactics with a sort of entrepreneurial spirit. 
We show homebuyers how to save thousands of dollars on commission negotiations. We show consumers how to select Realtors, title companies and attorneys, while avoiding conflicts of interests. We provide all sorts of strategies to consumers and at the same time exposing price fixing schemes and other bad practices.
It is our goal to help consumers help themselves. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to CAARE.

Who or what caused the mortgage melt-down?  

While a lot of attention is being focused on multi-billion dollar Wall Street firms that gambled and lost on risky debt, we believe a huge underlying cause that has yet to receive as much rightful blame for this catastrophe is the real estate industry. We believe conflicts of interest and self dealing have eroded the foundations of the residential real estate industry to the lasting detriment of consumers, many of whom now find themselves dispossessed of their most important investment, their homes.

Something bad has happened to the way American real estate gets transacted. The huge amount of damage to our economy is in direct proportion to the complexity and severity of the problems that still exist in the residential real estate industry. To cause such extensive damage the problem goes far deeper than just the mortgage industry.  If anything, that industry is just the "fall guy" for a far larger problem.  The problem encompasses the whole residential industry.  Most of the responsible parties have yet to be investigated for their part.

On our website, we describe the problems that exist in the residential real estate market and offer solutions that involve re-introducing free market forces and removing anti-competitive and unfair business practices.



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