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CAARE Membership

Monthly Payment Options

Why you should consider a membership to CAARE

CAARE is a public charity dedicated to consumerism in residential real estate (click here to visit the IRS website to see our tax exempt status).  There is no other organization that focuses on the much needed preventative measures that home buyers and sellers can use to avoid costly mistakes.   Instead of addressing problems after they arise, like foreclosure, we hope to help people avoid those problems by giving them the tools they need to make wise investment decisions.

We explore the worst practices that exist in residential real estate and show consumers how to avoid them using smart negotiating tools.  It is our goal to put consumers on a level playing field with the professionals who may not be representing their best interests.  It is our mission to raise the level of financial literacy as it pertains to residential real estate.

An Individual Membership with CAARE provides CAARE support with a sustaining donation in the amount of your choosing.  CAARE will continue to provide you with the most up to date home buyer/seller information, fight the battle for real estate consumers and provide you, as a member with:

a.    A quarterly newsletter

b.    Emails announcing and new and exciting website changes or updates

c.     An annual CAARE gift based on donation.