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Independent Title Companies

Selecting an independent title company could be the most important safeguard to the integrity of your real estate transaction.

Consumers should avoid any title firm that has an affiliation with a firm that has a substantial financial interest in the outcome of the transaction. For example, a real estate brokerage firm that stands to collect a large commission if the transaction closes, should not be put in a position to influence the closing process.  

Click on your state to access a list of independent title firms.  These firms have pledged to us and consumers (click here to read consumer pledge) that they are not affiliated with real estate practitioners and that they make this pledge under penalty of forfeiture of fees to their consumers who rely upon their statements.  


****Independent title companies can sign-up by clicking here****


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The National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA) is a non-profit trade association that seeks to restore transparency and credibility to the land title process and preserve an objective and impartial role at the closing table to improve the consumer experience.  They also seek to address the proliferation of controlled business arrangements and eliminate conflicts of interest between title agents and their referral sources, as well as, between all real estate settlement service providers and their sources of business.   

CAARE supports NAILTA in their pro-consumer mission.